E3 07: The "real" people at the Microsoft conference

Florin and Met
The kind of guys you think you want to be friends with, but then when you are friends with them you realize that having "twat" shaved into your head every other weekend isn't that much fun after all. Still, interesting dudes with plenty to say, although the majority of the banter can't really be repeated here. And despite their insistance that videogames were strictly for pot-smoking nerdoids, they were both obviously latent gamers desperate to press X and jump out of the closet.

What do you think your typical gamer is like?
Met: You want me to be honest? A nerd. Or a stoner.
Florin: Stoners always start games but never finish them [laughs]. I used to play when I was a kid, but it just got so boring.
Met: I think it's more of a challenge picking up chicks than playing videogames [thrusts hips].

So if someone put a controller in your hand you wouldn't be interested?
Met: If I was stoned.
Florin: I used to play videogames, but I still wouldn't be interested.

What stuff did you play when you were younger?
Met: He played with his wiener [laughs].
Florin: I had Sega back in the day. I used to spend like, 18 hours playing f---ing Sega. Then once I beat a couple of games I just lost interest.
Met: Once you got laid [laughs].

Do you think it's something that people should grow out of?
Met: I don't think they should take it so seriously.
Florin: If you're putting your life aside, then you've got issues... I don't enjoy playing videogames, but I do like watching movies.
Met: It's not very social. You can't be sitting in the house f---ing playing with yourself all the time.

Are you talking about his wiener again?
Met: [laughs]
Florin: [laughs]

Above: Florin (left) and Met. Not afraid to talk crap aboutgamers