E3 07: The "real" people at the Microsoft conference

With their minds firmly fixed on sparkly new games and the like, whenever the press converge on a conference they tend to waltz past the event's employed meeters and greeters without so much as a grunt of acknowledgement, never noticing the sterling work the hosts are doing as they shepherd the shambling herds of nerds. But not GamesRadar. We appreciate these lovely people and we want to get to know them better. So at last night's Microsoft Conference we thought we'd take the time to find out a bit more about the people employed to handle the traffic. Here's who we spoke to...

A lethal cocktail of alluring beauty, intimidating confidence and underlying madness. Interviewing Angel was a bit like interviewing a very good lookingecho. She pretended to be a bit vague and ditzy, but she was really very smart and savvy. We also liked her because she not only touched our arm, but she stroked it. Stroked. We're telling you - we've interviewed Jade Raymond on numerous occasions and never once has she even brushed past us by accident, let alone made intentional bodily contact.

Are you single?

Would you ever date a gamer?
Would I ever date a gamer? What do you mean?

Stop asking me questions. Would you date someone who played videogames all the time?
Oh! This is about videogames! Are you serious? [laughs]

OK. So what do you think people who play videogames are like?
Are you trying to ask me out?

Er, no.
You're not trying to ask me out? OK. Fine. [walks away]

Will you come back if I do ask you out?
[Keeps walking]

Above: Angel. She stroked our arm and then broke our heart. We'll never forget her

Matt Cundy
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