E3 07: Killzone 2 - the trailer

We all knew the drill. The Killzone 2 trailer, when we finally saw it for real, was supposed to be a big let down. And, after yesterday's first screenshot, our expectations were of an Internet full of PS3-hating, fanboy-baiting forum threads ripping Sony's supposed killer-app to shreds.

But it hasn't happened like that. The trailer below isn't as visually arresting as that stellar first footage two years ago, but it's still a sequence of such chaotic action that it's going to be torture waiting for our first hands-on with Killzone 's triumphant next-gen sequel.

Whatever your reaction to the footage, you've got to admit it's exciting. The cover-dependant gameplay from the original is intact, and we're informed that you'll be able to blind-fire - a regular feature for third-person shooters, but a new innovation for the FPS.

True, it all looks a bit gritty. But that's more to do with the location - the grimy, monotone Helghan homeworld of the Nazi-ish Helghast - than with the PS3's visual clout. We're now officially comfortable with harboring sky-high expectations for Killzone 2. Roll on the playtest.

July 11, 2007


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