Double Fine's new Sesame Street game makes us want to breed!

K is for Kinect, the platform receiving Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster

Is it okay for a grown man to get excited over a Sesame Street game? Actually: Don%26rsquo;t care! If you%26rsquo;ve got that much of a problem with me blowing my load over a %26ldquo;kids game,%26rdquo; I%26rsquo;ll get to work on making a kid immediately so I can enjoy the hell out of whatever this concept art takes shape as. LOOKY!

Above: The opposite of Below!

Should you, the staunchly hardcore gamer, be unmoved by the news, then know this: This Kinect title is coming to you from goddamned Double Fine, the imaginative developers who charmed your pants off with Psychonauts, Costume Questand Brutal Legend. I%26rsquo;ve gone aboveand beyondthe call of duty to impress upon you readers my unbridled love for all things Jim Henson/Muppet, so I hope you%26rsquo;ll believe me when I say that with its pedigree for cartoonish humor and lovable characters, there%26rsquo;s simply no developer working today better suited to bringing these timeless creatures to life.

Says Double Fine President and CEO Tim Schafer:

Me too! I%26rsquo;ve said this before in a million handwritten letters, but Tim, we should totally hang out sometime. Two awesome dudes, just sitting around talking Muppets and video games%26hellip; Awesome! Either way, I%26rsquo;m gonna get started on making a child immediately, so I can enjoy this with my offspring by the time Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster hits Kinect in Autumn of 2011. Man, I can%26rsquo;t wait to get home%26hellip; my girlfriend has no idea what%26rsquo;s coming!

Feb 15, 2011

Let us count the 9 ways this is awesome!

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