Sesame Street Fighter!

I can’t believe it took almost twenty years, butsomeone finally did it. Back in the fighting game craze of the early 90’s, I had a pitch that was sure to wow the paints off of developers the world over. It was called Sesame Street Fighter, and not only would it have kicked the ass of every fighter in the fisticuff genre, it would’ve revitalized Jim Henson’s puppety creatures of righteous edutainment for a whole new generation!

Above: Tenically, gavacho13 and I are both last-gen geniuses!

Unfortunately, some scribblings submitted to EGM, (along with my breakfast brawler concept: Cereal Killer!) were as far as I got. So, thank the stars and heavens fordeviantartist gavacho13! He brought my vision out of a two decade hibernation with his beautiful mash-up between The Children’s Television Workshop and Capcom’s World Warriors. (NERD TRIVIA: Which two characters are not actually Sesame Street cast members?)

Above: Bigat

Above: Cook E. Honda

Above: Elm Bison

Above: Burt Masters and Ernyu

Above: Gralsim

Above: Guile the Frog

Above: Chun-Pig

Above: Osnka the Brazilian Grouch

Above: Rowlfrog

Above: Zelly

ANSWER: Miss Piggy and Rowlf the Dog are not Sesame Street Cast members.

May 18, 2010

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