Games music of the day: Muppets Party Cruise

Game: Muppet Party Cruise
Song: Kermit Rap (Credits)
Composer: Chris Tilton

If I have any reason to apologize for today’s song choice, it’s only because my intention here is not mockery. Yeah, Muppets games have all been pretty horrible, and yes, Kermit’s calypso rap above is - without a doubt - incredibly silly. But if you simply must walk away from this article must take something negative, please let it be that the famous frog isn’t voiced by Jim Henson, who would’ve turned 73 today had he not died suddenly from pneumonia in 1990.

Above: Party games… Muppets… whatever…

If you’d like to see us write something snarky about Muppet Party Cruise then by all means click here, because while the excuse I’m using might be flimsy and pathetic, it’s not like I’ll have another opportunity to honor a man who had such a profound cultural impact on the lives of so many of us.

Above: Music’s not all that bad, actually. And you can download it for free at Chris Tilton’swebsite

Henson was the gentle visionary who brought the colorful cast of The Muppets, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, and about a billion other timeless characters to glorious, musical, life. And since this GMotD is essentially an auditory celebration, and I highly doubt there’s a single one of you out there who doesn’t know at least one song written by Henson and his troupe of bleeding hearts word for word, I feel no guilt in posting any of this.

Rather than risk boring those of you more interested in headshots than puppeteering (not to mention attracting the ire of Disney, Children’s Television Workshop, and any other legal team with some stake in Henson’s musical creations) I’ve opted not to post songs from the Henson movie and television work we hold so dear. Instead, I’ve chosen to share this oddly touching song by comedian, Stephen Lynch above. You won’t find a more perfect time to listen to it than today. However, I do invite all of you to share whatever Henson related memories and songs in the comments below.

Above: If you’d like to hear the saddest related song in the world today, click here. But you’ve been warned

Sept 24, 2010

Incredible Crisis Theme by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Title screen track by David Wise

Flight by Yoshitaka Azuma