Dark Souls 2 Ring guide

Ring of Steel Protection +2

Increases physical defense. Received after defeating the Looking Glass Knight in New Game Plus.

Ring of Soul Protection

Nullifies death and petrification, but breaks. This is found in The Gutter, near the Upper Gutter bonfire. Continue over the walkway instead of dropping through, and you'll eventually leap to ledge with a chest that contains this. Keep on the path to face Melinda the Butcher in an invasion, then wind up back at the bonfire.

Can also be purchased from the Head of Vengarl.

Ring of the Dead

Keep human appearance even while Hollow. You'll receive the Key to the Embedded from defeating the Demon of Song. Return to the upper chamber in Drangleic Castle where you received the Key to King's Passage and open the cage here. Speak to the woman inside, and she will vanish, leaving you with this ring.

Can also be purchased from Grave Warden Agdayne in Undead Crypt.

Ring of the Evil Eye

Absorb HP from each defeated foe. Can be purchased from Sweet Shalquoir in Majula.

This is also found in The Gutter. Move through the zone until you cross a suspension bridge under another bridge. On the other side, bear left and look for some ledges you can drop to. Follow this path until you reach a cliff. The chest along the cliff contains this ring.

Ring of the Evil Eye +1

Absorb HP from each defeated foe. From the Harval's Resting Place bonfire in Grave of Saints, head back to the base of the well. Look down to spot another plank you can drop to. The corpse there holds the ring.

You can also find one of these in Dragon Aerie. After your first dragon encounter, head up the slope and cross the bridge. After your second dragon fight, head up the slope here to reach some ledges overlooking a third dragon. One of the corpses in this arena holds the ring.

Ring of the Evil Eye +2

Absorb HP from each defeated foe. Received after defeating the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender in New Game Plus.

Ring of Thorns

Increases counterattack chance. You'll first encounter Mild-Mannered Pate by the ballistas near the Cardinal Tower bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants, and he'll later appear near the Central Earthen Peak bonfire in Earthen Peak. Kill him at any time, and he'll drop this.

Ring of Thorns +1

Increases counterattack chance. Can be purchased from Grave Keep Agdayne in Undead Crypt.


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