Charlie and the Chocolate Factory review

NGC reckons this is one golden ticket you won't want to find...

It's rare to find a game that provides so much, but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory does it all: boredom, frustration, irritation, the works.

It's not laughably bad because that would mean the developer had actually achieved something. Instead it's just dull and monotonous. There's little reward for doing anything other than hitting the off button.

Okay, there's a passing similarity to the movie and there are levels based on the Dahl book that weren't in the film, but that's all it's got going for it.

Most of the time is spent running around directing Oompa-Loompas - Willy Wonka's disturbingly ethnic, midget work force.

They can be issued the orders, wait, follow or work. And each has a talent. But, rather than adding strategy, it simply throttles what little fun there may be.

The problem is that everything is achieved by getting someone else to do it. That is of course assuming you can keep hold of the little buggers. They have an amazing gift for getting stuck behind trees and under ramps, or running on the spot and waiting for you to retrieve them.

What little there is for you to do beyond issuing commands is basic platform jumping made soul-crushing thanks to an absolutely abysmal camera.

This may be intended for a junior audience, but even children will struggle to enjoy this total entertainment failure. It won't take long before even the little 'uns realise that each level consists of a single idea (such as repairing a switch to open a door), repeated over and over.

Rather than buying this, spend the money on real chocolate instead and eat it until you're sick. You'll have more fun.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is available for Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, PC and GBA

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PlatformPC, GameCube, Xbox, GBA, PS2