Carnival Games Cheats

  • Easy Win on the Horse Races

    When you are told to start, aim your cursor to the furthest left (pointing at the side), full power and nine times out of ten it should rebound into the 50 point holes.
    Submitted by Bh4fc09

Carnival Games Unlockables

  • Special Prizes

    Alley Ball: You either have to get 3 100s in a row or 3 50s in a row.

    Collection Plate: 2 Plates will be glowing, all you have to do is land a coin on them.

    Balloon Darts: Hit all 3 of the green balloons.

    Frog Leap: Land a frog in the middle lily pad.

    Shooting Gallery: Hit the 2 present boxes going by.

    Pigskin Pass: If you look to the left and down (from the football hole) you will see an object, just throw the football at it.

    Shoot for the Stars: Look to the right and you see a hat, just shoot it.

    Nerves of Steel: Before you grab the red thing, go to the light bulb on the right and press A.

    Lucky Cups: Throw the ball in the yellow cup.

    Dunk Tank: Look up and you will see a greenish hat, throw the ball at it.

    Dunk Tank: Look down and you will see an object, throw the ball at it.
    Submitted by Shaw12345n
  • Unlock Fez

    When you go to Fortune Way, look for a monkey popping out of a barrel and click him to get the fez.
    Submitted by tman
  • Unlock Monkey Mask

    Click on the monkey on top of the Meter-o-Love to get monkey mask.
    Submitted by tman
  • Unlock Zapper

    In Claw Alley, look for a UFO flying around and click it to get the zapper.
    Submitted by tman
  • Unlock Winner Sash

    In Lucky Pass, click on the bird on top of the machine to get winner sash.
    Submitted by tman
  • Unlock goggles

    In Rodent Row, click on the mole when he pops out of his hole to get goggles.
    Submitted by zyx
  • Unlockable Stuff

    Super Alley Ball - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Alley Ball or Test Your Strength
    Super Balloon Darts - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Balloon Darts or Bowler Coaster
    Super Circle Drop - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Nerves-o-Steel or Lucky Cups
    Super Day at the Races - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Day at the Races or Dunk Tank
    Super Hole in One - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Clown Splash or Hole in One
    Super Hoops - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Hoops or Collection Plate
    Super Old West Shootout - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Shoot for the Stars or Buckets of Fun
    Super Pigskin Pass - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Shooting Gallery or Pigskin Pass
    Super Ring Toss - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Ring Toss or Ka-Pow
    Super Spilled Milk - Trade up to the jumbo prize in Spilled Milk or Frog Leap
    Submitted by Homeo
  • Safari Hat

    Go on shot for the star/stars while shooting the star look for the hat beside the star (it looks like it is hanging on the wall).
    Submitted by sissy<3

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Available Platforms: Wii
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Published by: Global Star
Developed by: Cat Daddy Games
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