Canis Canem Edit

A Little Help
Gary decides that it's time for some tormenting - which means finding the homeless guy who lives behind the car park and poking him with a stick. Canis' sense of humour is a bit dark but decidedly tongue-in-cheek, like an episode of Grange Hill directed by Mel Brooks, and when you find the guy he scares off your mates before demanding you give him drugs or liquor. Or he'll kill you.

Fortunately, Jimmy's savvy enough to talk his way out of an early grave and instead the homeless guy asks you to find him a radio transistor - find one and he'll teach you a brand new attack, the uppercut. Bring him more pieces and he'll keep training you up.

We finished the mission in time for the day's last lesson, Gym (a clock in the corner ticks through the day, with lessons beginning at 9am), where you can also learn a bunch of new grappling moves.