Bungie teases “Aerospace” and offers free steaks to anyone who beats developers at Halo: Reach

Happy birthday Bungie. The studio that created Halo recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with big announcements and a meaty challenge for its frag-loving fan base. First up is a mysterious site for a project called Bungie Aerospace.

Right now, there’s not much there besides the curious logo shown here. Earlier rumors suggested that the Aerospace project would have a steampunk theme based on an open invitation to show up at Bungie Studios in Bellevue, WA dressed in your “steampunk finery.” The invitation was for a photoshoot to assist with creating artwork for a steampunk game. However, according to Bungie, the shoot was for another videogame developer who had borrowed space from the company. More details on Aerospace are expected as Bungie’s 20th anniversary celebrations continue.

Speaking of celebrations, the Bungie Foundation is also hosting a charity auction with many impressive collectables for sale. Our favorite: this UNSC BR55 Battle Rifle from Halo 3. The replica was crafted by Weta Workshop and was used in the live-action short film Landfall.

Above: At the time of writing, the current bid for this Battle Rifle stands at $3,150 US dollars on eBay

Above: Head here to find out more about the Bungie vs The World even on Bungie Day, July 7th

Above: While we’re on the topic of marathons, GamesRadar’s 24-hour marathon session with readers last year was a blast. Here’s a two-minute blast from the past with highlights from our time spent with you

Above: A 20th anniversary PSA

Also announced was a meaty challenge to everyone and anyone who thinks they’re good enough at Halo to best the team that made the game. On Bungie Day, July 7, Bungie employees will challenge the world in the company’s Bungie vs. The World 24-hour gaming marathon. Four-man squads of Bungie workers will be playing Halo: Reach. If you meet them and manage beat them by 20 kills or more, Bungie will mail you two delicious steaks.

Last but not least, is a nod to the studios’ roots with the release of Marathon for the iPad. For those too young to remember games that predated functions like mouse looking, Marathon first released for the Apple Macintosh in 1994. So it seems fitting that one of the first modern first-person shooters has come full circle with a release on the iPad. You can find an in-depth interview with Bungie's Marathon Man about what it was like bringing the classic shooter to the modern touchscreen at

Jun 27, 2011