Bulletstorm Electrofly Swarm Locations Guide

Earn the Pest Control achievement with our complete guide

Nothing breaks up the intensity of an edge-of-your-seat action shooter like trying to pick off quick-moving fireflies with a fully automatic machine gun. Fortunately, your patience is rewarded with skill points, and if you can exterminate all 21 Electrofly swarms throughout Bulletstorm%26rsquo;s campaign, you%26rsquo;ll earn the Pest Control achievement/trophy. We%26rsquo;ve charted every swarm location for you, though we can%26rsquo;t help replace all the bullets you%26rsquo;ll likely spray into oblivion during your extermination attempts%26hellip;

Tip - Each Electrofly has a distinct flight path that it repeats, so if you suffer from accuracy impotence, study these flight paths and put your recticle on a spot where you know the fly will be.

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Act 2 (5 Swarms)

Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress

#1 - You%26rsquo;ll encounter the first swarm at the bottom of the hill as you are entering the city.

#2 - After passing underneath the archway, but before descending the short flight of steps, look to the left and you%26rsquo;ll spot this swarm.

#3 - Just after passing the hanging electric lines and stepping outside, look straight ahead and up. This swarm is hanging out near the second floor of the building you%26rsquo;re facing.

#4 - After you cross under the vine with the baddie at the end, you%26rsquo;ll soon come upon this Electrofly swarm near a Newsbot and a dropkit.

#5 - You might have a little residual blood lust after taking out the mini boss then mowing down the Flailbombers with the minigun, but don%26rsquo;t forget to look up and to the right before entering the Monster Dome.

Act 3 (5 Swarms)

Chapter 1: One Sniper Means a Dozen

#6 - Walk around to the right of the first dropkit in this chapter.

#7 - Near the end of the docks area a door will open up and a charger will rush at you. After you deal with him, look left out towards the water to find a swarm.

#8 - If you look out from inside the lounge area you%26rsquo;ll spot this swarm. If you%26rsquo;re having trouble seeing it, walk out onto the balcony.

Chapter 2: A Dam Fine Mess

#9 - Look just past the bridge switch to find another swarm.

#10 - Near this sign for Hallucination night club at the end of the promenade.

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