Black Friday UK deals: 1TB PS4 Slim with Uncharted 4, The Last Of Us, Driveclub and a 2 month Now TV sub for £249.99

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GAME has an amazing offer for a 1TB PS4 Slim bundling in Uncharted 4, The Last Of Us and Driveclub, as well as a two month Now TV sub for £249.99.

If you want a little wiggle room there then you can also get the same £249 1TB PS4 3 game bundle deal, only with Ratchet & Clank replacing The Last Of Us. And, if you want to go large, then you can also get a 1TB PS4 Pro with Fallout 4, Infamous: Second Son, and two months Now TV for £350

If none of that takes your fancy though then keep an eye on our best Black Friday gaming deals which we'll be updating all the time with the newest offers and deals. 

Otherwise, grab that bundle now!

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