Battlefield 4 dog tag locations

Mission 1: Baku

Tag 1: Near the start of the level, when you are approaching the second obstacle to hop over, there will be a door on the right side that you can enter. Do so and the dog tag will be on the wall to the left

Tag 2: After the first large encounter with enemies, you will come to a red room where the squad will hop down to the lower level through the destroyed floor. Before jumping down, enter the room using the rebar wire on the left as a ledge and then jump to the left side of the room over the shelves. The dog tag will be on the left wall there beside the windows. If you happen to fall, not making the jump, you’ll have to start the mission over again to give it another shot.

Tag 3: After the building collapses near the end of the mission, and Dunn and Irish are beside the wrecked chopper, walk between the flames to the cockpit of the chopper to find the dog tag in it.

Mission 2: Shanghai

Tag 4: Right at the beginning of the mission, once you get out of the van, Pac and Irish will go to a gate on the left. Before you go through, go to the right and down the alley there. Go left, left, and then right to find the dog tag on t door there beside two garbage bins.

Tag 5: When you exit the elevator to the weapon stash, the dog tag will be above the elevator door.

Tag 6: When you are running through the alleyways after the tank shows up, you will need to cross the street and run up a ramped fence. Keep going forward a few steps and you will see a gate on the right side in the corner. Look through the gate to see the dog tag on the wall there.