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Armored Core Cheats

  • First-Person View:

    Press Triangle, Square and Start simultaneously to pause the game.Unpause and you're now in a first-person viewpoint.Pause and unpause again to return to the yawn-inducing third-person view.
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  • Fixed camera view:

    Press Circle + X + Start. Game play will be paused. Press Start to resume game play with the camera fixed at the present location. Substitute Select in the code instead of Start for the Japanese version of the game.
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  • Alternate emblem backgrounds:

    Highlight an emblem and enter the edit screen. Then, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Selec
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  • Change pilot name:

    Enter the garage and highlight the "Change AC Name" option. Hold L2 + R2 + Right, then hold X and quickly hold Square.
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  • Return to default view:

    To return to the default view, press Start to pause game play, then press Start to resume. Substitute Select instead of Start for the Japanese version of the game.
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  • No limit bonus:

    Complete over 100 sorties with a greater than 90% win record and an over all rating of 98% or more. Unlimited leg weight points, core weight points, and generator output points will be allowed. Note: Ignore the overweight warning.
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  • Death bonuses:

    Intentionally die with less than -50,000 credits. The game will restart from the first level with all items gained in the previous game. Your pilot name will change to "Rebel" followed by three random numbers to confirm correct code entry. The first time this is done, the radar will become a grid system and will detect incoming missiles. The fourth time this is done, the rear weapon may be fired while in motion. The sixth time that this is done, available energy will be doubled. Additionally, a ball may be fired from the laserblade by firing the blade, then pressing Jump.
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