Andy Serkis talks Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Andy Serkis has spoken exclusively to Total Film about his role in Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes .

This isn’t the first time motion-capture king Serkis has played a sensitive simian, but Rise… offers him the opportunity to do something totally different to King Kong .

When we asked the actor what attracted him to the movie, he told us: “The temper and the emotion and the domesticity of it is what excited me.”

“It’s a very personal story with global implications. I get to play Caesar from an infant through to a revolutionary leader, so that in itself is an incredible challenge.”

Rise… also marks a revolution in performance capture effects, with Serkis stating: “Basically this film represents one of the first and biggest examples of having multiple [ performance capture ] actors on a live-action set.

“We’d done a little bit in Return Of The King but having this amount of live performances is pretty new. The Golden Gate sequence must be a world record in terms of the size of the capture area.

“It was a huge expanse of bridge section – I think it was about 400ft long, and there were between 10 and 12 [ performance capture actors ], which is a huge amount.”

The latest trailer hinted at a depth of character to Caesar that suggests Serkis has worked as hard on the small-scale sequences as the huge set pieces.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is set to be released on 12 August.

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