AE3A - the alternative E3 awards

Though E3 2007 was a very different show from previous years, it was still overflowing with high-quality games that demand our attention. And what better way to recognize that than with some awards? Infine GamesRadar tradition, we won't be giving out what you expect, of course. Strap in - because Game of the Show is the only one you'll recognize.

The game most likely to have Jack Thompson salivating

Winner: Kane and Lynch: Dead Men
The word "antihero" is tossed around a lot in videogame marketing, but Kane and Lynch actually earn the title. One's a mercenary killer, the other's a drugged out psychopath and - based on our E3 demo - their moral compass only gets more hopelessly broken from there. By the time we met the dysfunctional pair, Kane was lovingly caressing his fallen enemy's neck with a knife - "some things can't be rushed" - and Lynch was shooting through a panicked crowd indiscriminately. The sole penalty for hitting an innocent bystander instead of your true target, according to the developers? "Wasted bullets."

Runner-up: Condemned 2: Bloodshot
Our E3 demo: chucking a bottle of liquor at a raving madman before lighting him up with a taser, and enjoying the crispy flame effects as our victim runs around helplessly. Party!