360's plastic surgery

Friday 21 April 2006
US peripheral manufacturer Nyko has released GameFace 360, a software package that allows you to design your own Xbox 360 faceplates.

It's currently only available in the US, in branches of Gamestop and EB Games and the like, but a handful of Nyko's other products have made it on to our shores in the past so we can see no reason for GameFace not to follow suit. Failing that, it's likley to turn up on an import website near you sometime soon.

Above: Here's one we made earlier. We're selling it for £98,000 on eBay

Costing $20 (around £11), GameFace 360 consists of a base plate and a clear front plate, along with 15 blank templates and six pre-made designs that you can slot between them. Next, you'll use the faceplate editing software to doodle your own design, print it out and you're away. Fancy a picture of The Fonz beaming out from around your 360's disc tray? Or 50 Cent's eyes glaring at you from just under the memory card slots? Fill your boots...

Until it hits the UK proper, you can still fiddle around with said software on Nyko's website, and concoct your own tragically fashionable fascia.


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