3 Days of Spider-Man 3 - Heroes and Villains

Today we take a look at the different costumes Peter Parker masquerades in, as well as the foes he’ll be facing in Spider-Man 3. It seems as though “Black" is the new “Red,” cuz apparently that basic suit is old and busted. Say hello to the brand-new dark and mysterious Spidey; complete with extra angst. He’s gonna need all that anger when he faces his biggest adversaries yet; a rival photographer, his former best friend and the man that may have killed his uncle. Read on:

Red Suit

What’s with the Red Suit?
You should know this by now. Nerdy ol’ Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains fantastic new abilities; super-strength and agility, a “spider-sense” and the ability to create webs (in the comics, he creates a widget filled with a special formula to do this - in the films he can create the webs himself from spinnerets in his wrists). Initially using his powers for personal gain, once his beloved Uncle Ben is gunned down by a mugger Peter realizes that, yes, with great power comes great responsibility, and he starts to use his powers for good.

Where did it come from?
Not only is Peter Parker a science whiz and superhero, he’s pretty handy with a sewing machine too. Why on earth does he have trouble with the ladies? He’s got it all.

Why does he wear the Black Suit then?
You can read all about that on the next page. And you’ve got to admit, the black suit is very snazzy. But with it comes a lot of problems - the darkening of the suit comes with a darkening of Peter Parker’s personality and soul, too. The witty, smart-mouthed do-goodery of the red-suited Spider-Man soon gets whittled away.

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