24 Hours of Halo 3

Dromon (9:22 AM): I

Spydermanfbk: (9:34 AM): thanks for the vid...you guy's are the reason im still sane lol! One of 5 reasons Halo 3 will totally rock my @$$!

Grenade Face

GamesRadarCharlie (9:38 AM): Capture the Flag on the High Ground map is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. One team starts on defense, holed up in a formidable base with an even more forbidable blast door. The other team's on offense, with a row of Mongooses waiting on the beach.

There was obviously a ton of thought put into how this mode would play on this map. The offense can get past the door in a bunch of fun, sneaky ways. A few twisty bunker entrances. A shadowy hidden pipeline. But if the defense is smart, they'll have those paths covered. No matter... once they figure it out, you can throw down a portable gravity lift and surprise them by leaping right over the blast door itself.

Once one side finds the switch to open the blast door (we'll post a screen or video of where this is later), the action gets INTENSE. Everyone is concentrated around that one area, the bodies start piling up and moving the flag even a few feet is a cause for celebration.

Dromon (9:46 AM): Sounds awesome! Now, if only a multi-billion-dollar company could get its act together...

GamesRadarJoe (10:00 AM): This vid features some must-have intel to get you started on High Ground.

-The location of the gate switch
-How to open the hatch
-Grav lifting into the base (w/shotty slayage)
-Mongoose jousting