24 Hours of Halo 3

We played nonstop for one entire day. Here's what happened

With the Crackdown side of the beta nowhere in sight, the readers start living through us vicariously. We oblige by pumping out user-requested videos and answering their questions.

Shadow_wolf714 (8:38 AM): Where is Games Radar located?

GamesRadarJoe (8:40 AM): On a pirate ship, or possibly the moon.

Shadow_wolf714 (8:43 AM): I hope its the moon

GamesRadarJoe (8:45 AM): A pirate ship that is circling the moon looking for Booty.

Spydermanfbk (9:02 AM): I don't know if Games Radar already answered this or not...but can you stick a spike grenade on someone...?

GamesRadarBrett (9:14 AM): Hell yeah you can stick a spike grenade. It's very effective that way. Good question!

Dromon (9:15 AM): Hook us up with a video!

GamesRadarJoe (9:20 AM): revenge of grenade face
spike grenade + face = 4w3s0m3

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