The 10 best-selling US games of 2012

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was the top-selling game in the US in 2012, according to new data released by retail monitor the NPD Group.

Activision's title was one of four first-person shooters to make a list of the ten best-selling games in North America last year, the others being Halo 4 - the only platform exclusive title on the chart – at No.3, Borderlands 2 at No.7 and November 2011 release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at No.8.

2012 was also a strong year for sequels and annual franchise updates – not one new IP made the top ten.

Madden NFL 13 was the second best-selling game of 2012 in the US, while fellow sports title FIFA 13 came in at No.10.

Assassin's Creed III, Just Dance 4 and NBA 2K13 placed at No.4, No.5 and No.6 respectively, while Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes was at No.9.

Two titles from publishers Activision, EA, Ubisoft and 2K Games made the top ten, as well as one from each of each of Microsoft and Warner.

Top 10 games of 2012

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (360, PS3, PC, Wii U)
2. Madden NFL 13 (360, PS3, Wii, Vita, Wii U)
3. Halo 4 (360)
4. Assassin's Creed III (360, PS3, PC, Wii U)
5. Just Dance 4 (360, PS3, Wii, Wii U)
6. NBA 2K13 (360, PS3, Wii, PC, Wii U, PSP)
7. Borderlands 2 (360, PS3, PC)
8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (360, PS3, Wii, PC)
9. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, DS, Vita)
10. FIFA Soccer 13 (360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Vita, 3DS, PSP)

2013 looks set to be a particularly interesting year for games; there are plenty of high-profile releases due in the next few months, then there’s the expected launch of next-generation consoles, and hopefully an exciting Wii U holiday lineup in which Nintendo brings out some big-hitters. Check out our list of the 100 most anticipated games of 2013.

Top 10 games of December 2012

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (X360, PS3, Wii U, PC)
2. Just Dance 4 (X360, Wii, Wii U, PS3)
3. Halo 4 (X360)
4. Assassin's Creed III (X360, PS3, Wii U, PC)
5. Madden NFL 13 (X360, PS3, Wii, PS Vita, Wii U)
6. Far Cry 3 (X360, PS3, PC)
7. NBA 2K13 (X360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, PSP, PC)
8. Skylanders Giants (X360, Wii, PS3, 3DS, Wii U)
9. New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)
10. FIFA Soccer 13 (X360, PS3, Wii, PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U, PSP)




  • thyho - January 11, 2013 7:15 p.m.

    The only game on this list that doesn't have a number is skylander giants, and i didn't know americans love soccer (football) so much.
  • shawksta - January 11, 2013 7:05 p.m.

    CoD:MW3!? HAHAH! NO
  • RonnyLive19881 - January 12, 2013 3:19 p.m.

    It sold a shit ton on Black Friday. It was pretty cheap. $10 at some places.
  • shawksta - January 12, 2013 4:34 p.m.

    Interesting reason but Black ops 2 deserves the sales more but whatevs, its fine, $10 for call of duty is a steal
  • talleyXIV - February 3, 2013 11:01 a.m.

    Ignorant people buy old Call of Duty games all the time. I had a friend who was all excited because he bought World at War (Great game) when Black Ops had just come out... I was like... alright.
  • shawksta - February 3, 2013 12:50 p.m.

    I can understand if its for wanting to play an old game, especially a game like World at War which my brother did aswell but atleast he did it months after MW3 came out.
  • jackthemenace - January 11, 2013 1:43 p.m.

    It's amazingly saddening to see that people are still lapping that CoD garbage up. The newest game there, in terms of franchises, is Borderlands 2- which is, coincidentally, the only one I've enjoyed on that list- but then that I'd only give, say, one more sequel to before it needs to finish. Sequels really are destroying gaming.
  • profile0000 - January 11, 2013 11:49 a.m.

    Well, if you think about it, MW3 was the newest CoD game for over ten months of 2012, so it sort of makes sense. Still, its a bit depressing.
  • sandplasma - January 11, 2013 8:14 a.m.

    Not one single game on that list is an original title. Sequels galore. This is why companies continue making sequels people.
  • ObliqueZombie - January 11, 2013 7:54 a.m.

    LEGO Batman 2, huh? PAHAHAHA, I'll have to check it out, then!
  • BladedFalcon - January 11, 2013 7:06 a.m.

    CoD:MW3 is still on the top 10??? That's effing depressing :\

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