Zelda Tears of the Kingdom players are building farming tools to live a simpler life

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are revolutionizing Hyrule's farming industry by creating a range of useful tools.

It's already very clear that there's no limit to players' creativity when it comes to Tears of the Kingdom. We've already seen several innovative inventions, including a controllable mech, a Star Wars Podracer, and far too many Korok torture devices. Now, a few weeks after the game's release, it seems players are searching for a simpler life and are designing machines to help with the farm work. 

For example, this player has taken it upon themselves to build a fully working excavator that can pick up items, transport them, and drop them back off again - all whilst being controlled by Link riding on the back of it. "I made an excavator!," the tweet reads (translated with DeepL), "The bucket can be used in scooping mode if you move forward, transport mode if you move backwards, and the bucket can be tilted to unload the scooped material if you turn the power off!"

Next up, another Twitter user has developed a more efficient way to pick apples. Using Link's Autobuild ability, this player can scoop up way more apples than if Link was doing it by hand. According to the tweet's replies, this is done by getting a bunch of apples and lumping them together using the Ultrahand ability before then favoriting it with Autobuild. Tears of the Kingdom really is turning into a farming sim at this rate.

Another genius invention is the lawnmower the Twitter user below developed in order to harvest Hylian rice. As you can see from the clip, all Link needs to do is run behind the machine, which will find piles of Hylian rice and chuck it towards Link for him to collect. If you recreate this, you'll never have to search for Hylian rice again. 

Finally, we've got the fan-propelled excavator that can break through the side of a cave in seconds, giving Link direct access to the Bubbulfrog inside. 

As well as this, we've also seen a slightly cruel way to efficiently gather fish. Using either the Yellow Chu Chu Jelly or Shock Fruit items, players can stun fish in the water, causing them to bob up to the surface for easy retrieval. Taking this a step further, the player in the TikTok below built a boat with fans, planks of wood, and a shock emitter that guides the fish directly into the boat. 


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