Zelda-mad Twitch streamer designs tool to let viewers play songs from Ocarina of Time while they're AFK

Link plays the Ocarina of Time
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Watching a game being played live is arguably a lot more exciting than watching pre-recorded footage, but it does mean that you can be left twiddling your thumbs while the streamer takes a break. Now, one Twitch streamer has come up with a brilliant solution to keep viewers entertained while they're AFK - a Twitch widget that lets them play the ocarina from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

That streamer is nutty, who took to Twitter to showcase their creation. "I spent all day making the Ocarina of Time into a Twitch widget so my viewers can play the Ocarina while I go to the bathroom," they wrote.

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As the accompanying video shows, it's even more impressive than it sounds. Viewers can type out notes using Twitch chat, and if they happen to input one of the songs from Ocarina of Time, a little figure of Link takes centre stage and plays it in full. nutty demonstrates three songs - Epona's Song, Song of Storms, and Saria's Song - but all of the nostalgic tunes from the classic Zelda game are in there.

The streamer says they went to "excessive detail" to get it looking just right, including designing on-screen buttons that look just the same as in the actual game. Naturally, Zelda fans were mighty impressed with the finished result. On the comments, one described it as "absolutely incredible", while another wrote: "This has to be the best widget to ever exist."

Tears of the Kingdom may be all the rage now, but if you're in the mood for some old-school Zelda action, you're in luck, as some very dedicated modders recently released a full-fledged fan sequel to Ocarina of Time.

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