Zack Snyder's Justice League replaced by Sarah Jessica Parker rom-com on UK on-demand service

Superman in Justice League
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"Wait, you're telling me Zack Snyder's Justice League is actually a Christmas comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker, and there's not a single shot of Henry Cavill?"

That was the question some DC fans were asking on the morning of the Snyder Cut's release after a minor kerfuffle saw the re-edit of Justice League replaced by The Family Stone, a 2005 rom-com, on the UK service, Sky Cinema.

Zack Snyder's Justice League was due to arrive on the Sky Premiere channel at 7am, but fans who had woken up early to witness the highly-anticipated release were met with the Christmas-set comedy, which tells the story of the Stone family – unfortunately, not the Victor Stone family (that's Cyborg).

The Family Stone sees Parker's character Meredith Morton, a high-flying New Yorker, spending Christmas with her boyfriend's bohemium family. The boyfriend is played by The Purge's Dermot Mulroney, and the matriarch of the family is Diane Keaton. Also starring are Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, and Claire Danes. A superhero punch-up, this is not.

Before things were eventually fixed, a few people took to Twitter to complain, with one writing: "Where’s Justice League? As much as I like the Family Stone, I didn’t get up for 7.00am to watch it." 

Another wrote: "I want to watch Justice League on Sky Cinema , but every time I play it, ‘The Family Stone’ plays instead? This. Is. Not. What. I need."

With things now in order, fans are busily watching the once-fabled version of Justice League. Over in the US, no such problem has been reported with HBO Max, the streaming service on which the movie is available. 

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