Zac Efron as Venom?! 5 April Fools’ casting jokes we wish were true

April Fools’ Day is a terrible time for the gullible, easily-led, and those who will believe anything written on the internet. But, from time to time, some japes cut close to the bone because they shouldn’t be jokes but the real things, damnit. Here are 5 April Fools casting rumours that we REALLY wished were true.

Zac Efron playing Venom

First up, Screen Rant nearly pulled the wool over the eyes of many with the ‘news’ that Zac Efron would be playing Eddie Brock in the upcoming Venom movie. I mean, come on, this would actually be amazing. Plus, Efron is the guy people love to hate. I’m sold already.

An all-female Back to the Future reboot

Paul Feig went one better and roped in Chris O’Dowd to announce an all-female Back to the Future with Dowd playing Larry McFly (formerly Lorraine McFly). I’m sure the responses were nice and measured for this one *ducks for cover*

David Tennant to return as Doctor Who

David Tennant is my favourite Doctor and, as Peter Capaldi wants to go out fighting, it would have been pretty cool to see Ten return by ‘degenerating’. But, no, it was a big ol’ lie. Don’t mess with my emotions…

Olivia Colman as James Bond

What about another British screen icon taking a left-turn? Last year saw The Night Manager’s Olivia Colman ‘replacing’ Daniel Craig as James Bond. Unfortunately, we can’t get everything we ever wanted and April Fools’ Day proved once again to be a cruel mistress.

Matt Damon as Justice League's Big Bad

Screen Rant pulled out all the stops this year: Matt Damon as Darkseid in Justice League, anyone? At least Bat-fleck would have had a buddy but, alas, it wasn't to be.

And, finally, one we’re glad wasn’t true (but actually fooled a lot of people). Back in 2013, some were tricked by the news that Peter Dinklage was leaving Game of Thrones. They should’ve checked the calendar and seen that, no, winter wasn’t coming but it was, in fact, April 1st.

Any April Fools’ jokes tickle your funny bone or had your slapping your head in frustration for believing it? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Paramount

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