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Hellgate: London

Ooh, this'd better be good, or else. We're hoping for Diablo- beating crazed action, as London becomes infected with unclean horrors. To go with the previously announced Cabalist and Templar factions, Flagship have announced another: the Hunter. He's a clever addition, ramping up the action by not using the auto-aiming or target-locking that aid other classes, creating something the developers say will "appeal directly to FPS players."

These Hunters are high-tech former members of super-elite government agencies, now turned rogue to take on the Demonic forces. Described as part-Ninja, part-Ronin, they sound all cool to us. While they can stick to the shadows, slipping in like a silent assassin, their real talents shine when mowing down fields of enemies with their ridiculous firepower. Roar!

Official ETA: 2007
We say: Hmm. Summer, we reckon