Your Highness red band trailer released

Your Highness

The first footage from James Franco and Natalie Portman’s medieval romp Your Highness has unleashed in the form of a red band trailer.

The fantastical tale, which is obviously going for a Princess Bride feel, follows Franco’s Fabious, whose missus (Zooey Deschanel) is kidnapped by a gloriously camp evil wizard (Justin Theroux).

Embarking on a quest to reclaim her, Fabious encounters Natalie Portman’s warrior princess, a minotaur, and various other fantasy movie problems.

Check out the trailer below…

Some of the gags do seem to revolve around punctuating deliberately stilted period dialogue with defiant swearing, but when it’s delivered as awesomely as this, we’re game.

Most of the action looks genuinely exciting, and the that fact it's parodying the fantasy genre gives both Franco and Portman a chance to bear some flesh while getting mean with various weapons. Which is always nice.

So, The Beastmaster meets Pineapple Express , then. Colour us excited. This could be the best fantasy comedy since Willow . High praise indeed.

Your Highness opens 24 June, 2011.

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