You can get GTA 5 for just $17 at Walmart right now, here are the deals (UPDATE: it's now $25)

UPDATE: It seems this deal was a popular one (who knew?) and Walmart have now increased the price for both PS4 and Xbox One versions of GTA 5 from $16.99 to $24.99. Considering the original RRP of $59.99, plus the sheer amount of content you get with both GTA 5's single-player story and GTA Online, this is still counts as a great deal.

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GTA 5 is notorious for skipping out on sales or going for a meager discount at best, but this new deal from Walmart is one of the best we've ever seen on Rockstar's open-world opus. The U.S. retailer is currently offering new copies of GTA 5 for both PS4 and Xbox One for just $16.99, a discount of $12 from its standard price of $29.99.

The deal is actually live at multiple retailers, but Walmart hasn't sold out of either version yet - and if you have a store nearby, you should be able to go pick your copy up there without waiting for shipping. Don't forget that you're really getting two games in one a copy of GTA 5: the single-player mode featuring assassinations and acid trips, and the stupefyingly huge/only getting bigger GTA Online multiplayer component.

GTA 5 for PS4 for $24.99 (save $5) at Walmart:

GTA 5 for PS4 for $24.99 (save $5) at Walmart: Enjoy story mode and GTA Online in both standard third-person and first-person mode on PS4, all at a saving of $5 off the standard price. 

GTA 5 for Xbox One for $24.99 (save $5) at Walmart:

GTA 5 for Xbox One for $24.99 (save $5) at Walmart: All the same current-gen features apply here, as does the price - a tempting $5 discount making for an improved crimes-to-dollar ratio.

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