Yoshinori Ono digs Mortal Kombat – but wouldn't do a Street Fighter crossover

Street Fighter X Tekken producer and all-around Street Fighter guru Yoshinori Ono might seem like he's eager for the heroes of Capcom's signature one-on-one fighting series to take on all-comers %26ndash; so far, the Street Fighter universe has expanded to include fighters from Marvel, SNK, Tatsunoko, Tekken, Rival Schools and wherever the hell Street Fighter 2010 is set %26ndash; but there are limits to how far these crossovers will go. Since the playground battles between SF2 and the original Mortal Kombat, American fans have been eager to see the two series link up %26ndash; but Ono says the match wouldn't work. Not that he doesn't have a few backhanded words of praise for his friendly rivals...

Citing %26ldquo;a penchant for wacky, over-the-top games,%26rdquo; Ono admits he's been playing a fair bit of the rebooted Mortal Kombat lately: %26ldquo;they did such a good job with their Story mode and some of the other features that I feel like they kind of beat me.%26rdquo; However, as far as the chances of working the series into Capcom's, he's doubtful: %26ldquo;I understand why people want it, but it%26rsquo;s easier said than done. Having Chun Li getting her spine ripped out, or Ryu%26rsquo;s head bouncing off the floor%26hellip;.it doesn%26rsquo;t necessarily match.%26rdquo;

Fan-blends of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have been popular since the mid-90s, with an early example being Street Fighter Jenn, seen above. It was actually slightly less playable than it looks. Would you play a professionally-authored mash-up?

Aug 8, 2011

Source:PlayStation Blog