XPS 13 deal saves $170 on the price of the touch-screen laptop everyone wants

Get an XPS deal right now at Dell: save $170 on an XPS 13 Touch machine
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Getting an XPS deal is a fine thing. These are premium machines from Dell so saving money is always welcome. Its current range of XPS deals (lumped together with their gaming machines) is pretty good too, but the one stand out from this is a deal on a Touch 13 XPS model.

This particular XPS 13 Touch laptop model can now be yours for a massive 20% less than normal. To get this magnificent deal, just use the code LTXPS13AFF at checkout and bring the price of this machine down from $849.99 to just $679.99. This machine is on the slender side in terms of specs but it's a lean machine that will easily eat up work and home tasks. It's 128GB SSD, 4GB of RAM and brand-new 10th-generation Intel processor see top that.

However, while the above is easily the best deal of the day, if you are after an XPS machine that can extend its reach to gaming too, then there's money to be saved on such a machine, this time in the shape of one of the New XPS 15 laptops. This machine has a very competent i7-10750H Intel processor, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a lean but mean GTX 1650Ti graphics card that will play basically everything well if you keep the setting low-to-middling. This brilliant do it all machine can be had for $1,322.99 after an existing discount and by using the code SAVE10 to get an extra 10% off.

The XPS laptops are perennially popular and for good reason - they are premium machines that balance quality design, performance, style, and often some of the nicest displays going, all in one package, so getting a wholesome deal on one - whether you want it gaming-ready or not - like these offerings, is a great opportunity.


Dell XPS 13 Touch laptop | $849.99 $679.99 at Dell
Get this price using code LTXPS13AFF.
This is a great deal. It takes a huge $170 off the list price and means you can bag a quality XPS 13 machine for far less than it should do. Plus, it's got a brand-new 10th-gen intel processor, 4GB of RAM and an, albeit slender, 128GB SSD to get you going.

New Dell XPS 15 laptop | $1,599.99

New Dell XPS 15 laptop | $1,599.99 $1,322.99 at Dell
Get this price using code SAVE10.
If you are looking for a variant of the XPS range that can handle gaming too - this model has a very competent GTX 1650Ti graphics card inside - but still retains that premium design, do-it-all build, and will cover you for everything else then this XPS 15 machine is for you.

While these are truly perfect for work and home use particularly, we at GamesRadar+ always recommend looking for something gaming-focused to team such machines with. Gaming gear generally has more features and bang for buck, so if you are after more, take a peek at the best gaming mouse, the best gaming keyboard,  and the best gaming headset

For a PC or laptop that's purely gaming-focused, check out our guides to the best gaming PC and best gaming laptops.

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