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Xbox UK says there'll be an Xbox On event next week

Xbox Series X and S
(Image credit: Microsoft)

An Xbox On event might be due to take place next week ahead of the Xbox Series X release date. The official Xbox UK and Xbox Ireland Twitter accounts have both posted messages about an upcoming event due to take place on November 9.

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Those tweets tell fans to "be prepared to experience the Dreams Within," riffing on the Xbox Series X commercial released last month with the tagline "Power Your Dreams." The included video also suggest that we should "prepare to feel the power of the world's most powerful console," stating that the Xbox On event will take place in London at 18:00 GMT on Monday, November 9. There is, however, no mention from the official Xbox account, which is only directing fans to the Xbox Launch Celebration due to take place on November 10.

There's also no word on what we can expect from the event. Since it's due to take place mere hours before the next generation of Microsoft consoles are due to launch, it might be safe to assume that Xbox is planning some important announcements, but those could also be held over until launch day itself, particularly if this is a regional-focused event - either way, it might be worth keeping an eye out for more information on some of the Xbox Series X launch games.

Alternatively, perhaps we'll get to see more of these upcoming Xbox Series X games.