Xbox showcase reports have Starfield fans puzzled at exclusion

(Image credit: Bethesda)

After a report claimed Starfield would skip a new Xbox showcase later this month, fans of Bethesda's upcoming RPG are puzzled.

Yesterday on January 9, a new report claimed an Xbox Developer Direct showcase would be debuting later this month. The report alleged we'd see new looks at the likes of Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft, but Starfield was never mentioned on the guest list for the event.

Now, Starfield fans are a little worried about the new game itself. In the post below for example, one eager Starfield fan theorizes that an event dedicated entirely to Bethesda's RPG makes perfect sense, although they admit that they're expecting the new game to be delayed again.

Elsewhere on the Starfield-dedicated subreddit, fans are puzzled as to why Redfall would be at the showcase, but not Bethesda's RPG. The former was previously given a concrete release date in November 2022, whereas Arkane's shooter was never given a firm date, leading some to believe Starfield will launch before Redfall. If that's the case, some are wondering, why is Redfall in the new showcase, but Starfield isn't?

It's a reasonable question, but concrete details on the event are clearly up in the air right now. The original report merely states that Starfield could be skipping the new Xbox Developer Direct for a dedicated showcase later on, but doesn't confirm anything for sure, meaning Bethesda's game could well be at the new presentation later this month.

There's still a glimmer of hope for Starfield making an appearance later this month, and it's this glimmer that fans are clinging on to right now.

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