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Xbox Series X stock could be out in the wild again soon

Xbox Series X deals
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It's becoming a weekly question but will Xbox Series X stock be available soon? Quite possibly if we piece together the clues. Just last week, UK retailers Game and Very had units available to order, the Microsoft Store in Australia offered solid stock of the Series S, and GameStop in the US had some (weird) Xbox Series X bundles going. More recently, the All Access program seems to be available at Game right now (and they had the PS5's Dual Charging Station actually available for a bit today - Thursday late morning UK time) and Currys - also in the UK - had sustained Series S stock. Because all this dropped with little to no fanfare, it'd be a good idea to keep an eye out at the very least. Plus, PS5 stock is rumored to arrive this January 14 and it's possible that the next-gen Xbox will follow. After all, the same thing happened a few days ago. It's all a bit weird, but stock is happening, and Xbox Series X stock -and Series S, for that matter, seems to be holding longer and longer with each appearance.

In short, the trickle of Xbox Series X stock we've been used to up until now feels like it's becoming stronger than, well, a trickle. Nowhere near a torrent yet, admittedly, but this is a good sign that we're getting closer to being in a position of genuinely good stock levels in the near (ish) future. 

With retailers getting more and more stock - even if it is just dribs and drabs right now - we are quietly confident of seeing Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles returning to shelves in the next few weeks as a result. And as last week showed, this could happen anytime. While we wait for a solid tipoff, all we can suggest is vigilantly refreshing and checking retailer websites so you can have the best chance to buy Xbox Series X or buy PS5 in the early weeks and months of 2021.

As always, we've tried to provide you with some essential and useful quick links here that will get you straight where you need to be, ensuring you're ready to strike. Keep checking in with these sellers every so often; you might get lucky. It's been known to happen and we'd put good money on it happening again, as some stores put up Xbox Series X stock on the sly without any notification.

It's also worth bookmarking our page of Xbox Series X deals and bundles, as this will be updated as we get more concrete stock updates. Bon chance!

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