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Xbox Series X restock date: looking unlikely today, but these stores are always worth checking

Xbox Series X
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This has been one of the slowest weeks all year in the hunt for Xbox Series X restocks, with most of the usual store patterns for late in the week not coming into fruition. That being said, Best Buy has had a bit of form for Fridays, so we certainly think it's worth checking out the action over there today as anything could happen this afternoon from 12pm ET. Oddly, the Series S was in stock for a few hours yesterday. So fingers crossed for a Series X appearance today.

Walmart and Target were both no-shows yesterday and Thursdays have generally been their day, so it looks like they're done for the week. But hey, no harm in checking if you have time.

Amazon remains infuriatingly absent from the Xbox Series X restock train and hasn't had anything in months. Of all the stores in the US, you would think it would be close to the top of the list, but that simply hasn't been the case. Write the store off at your peril though. 

We've rounded up a bunch of Series X and Series S retailers below for you to keep checking, but the ones above are the most likely picks today. As for the weekend, we've not seen any store get Xbox Series X restocks in on Saturdays or Sundays, so you might as well take a breather from this maddening debacle too. 

Don't panic if it doesn't happen today though. We're always on the lookout for offers, so check in with our guides on Xbox Series X stock and Xbox Series S deals guides every now and then for more retailer updates.

Xbox Series X restock tips

Sign in early: Don't forget to sign into your account beforehand. You'll then be ready to go if and when an Xbox Series X restock happens. In addition, the console is a whole lot less likely to sell out while you're trying to remember your password.

Get your payment details ready: There are more than a few horror stories floating around where the console in a customer's basket becomes unavailable should they not check out fast enough. To avoid a disaster like that, have your payment details on-hand.

Use multiple devices: OK, so this one's just common sense. But seriously, it's always worth bearing in mind. Stack the odds in your favor by checking websites with multiple devices.

Know the price: Xbox Series X costs $499.99, while Xbox Series S will set you back $299.99. If you see any offers that are more expensive than that, don't buy them - they're either scalping or scamming you.

Keep refreshing the page: Preparing yourself for a drop? An Xbox Series X restock won't let you add the console to your basket ahead of time, so refresh the page ahead of the drop to grab it as soon as possible.

Bundles sell out slower: They're pricey, but that's why Xbox Series X restock bundles are worth considering. Fewer people will grab the bundles if a solo console is available, so they won't sell out as fast.

Watch out for Twitter trends: Keeping an eye on trends and stock accounts isn't a bad idea - they're a good early warning system for a PS5 restock.

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