Wolverine sells out Jubilee (or does he?) in X-Men Legends #7 preview

X-Men Legends #7 excerpt
X-Men Legends #7 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Wolverine is returning to his classic '90s era in September 22's X-Men Legends #7, and he has just the partner: his '90s protege, Jubilee.

The all-star X-Men reunion tour that is the X-Men Legends series welcomes back writer Larry Hama (who wrote the ongoing Wolverine title for seven years in the '90s) and artist Billy Tan (who was Uncanny X-Men's primary artist from 2006 to 2008). They're joined by colorist Chris Sotomayor, who has colored almost every major X-Men ongoing comic book series in the past 20 years.

In this exclusive preview of X-Men Legends #7, the trio are taking Wolverine and Jubilee back to Japan to save two young mutants who have disappeared. While there, they quickly team up with a longtime associate of Logan's, Yukio, just before facing off against the everpresent ninja collective the Hand, along with Lady Deathstrike (who is #2 on our list of the best Wolverine villains.)

Check out this seven-page preview of X-Men Legends #7:

So where exactly does this X-Men Legends #7 storyline fit in Marvel continuity? Judging by Wolverine's costume, this takes place sometime between 1992's Wolverine #50 and 1993's Wolverine #75. How do we know? It wasn't until 1992 that Wolverine reverted back to a yellow-and-blue color scheme, and in 1993's Wolverine #75, Logan's adamantium was ripped from his body by Magneto.

X-Men Legends has become a who's who of popular mutant creators returning for a surprise sequel to their memorable runs. So far X-Men Legends has had the returns of X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza, X-Factor writer/artists Louise & Walt Simonson, X-Factor writer Peter David, and now Hama and Tan.

The primary X-Men Legends #7 cover is drawn by Tan and colored by Sotomayor. Elizabeth Torque has drawn a variant. Check them out here:

X-Men Legends #7 goes on sale on September 22.

Sheath your claws, bub. We've got the best Wolverine stories right here while you wait for X-Men Legends #7. 

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