WWE 2K23 DLC guide to downloading Bray Wyatt, Scott Steiner and Tiffany Stratton

WWE 2K23
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The WWE 2K23 DLC schedule has landed, and it’s a winner for die-hards of all ages. Old school fans get to welcome back the Steiner Brothers, Bad News Barrett and Zeus, while contemporary rasslin’ addicts can enjoy Wendy Choo, Tiffany Stratton and the return of Bray Wyatt. There are five packs in total, with old and new names split across each release. Below we take you through them all in GR’s WWE 2K23 DLC guide. 

How do I get the WWE 2K23 DLC characters?

WWE 2K23

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There are 24 playable wrestlers in total, not including pre-release content like Bad Bunny. The first arrives one month after the WWE 2K23 release date of Friday, March 17, while the final instalment drops in mid-August. As well as all those playable stars, we’re also getting Hit Row member B-Fab as a manager.

One character announced as WWE 2K22 DLC, Nash Carter, was later removed after being axed by WWE – so there is a chance the list below changes over the coming months. 

Individual packs are likely to cost £7.99/$9.99. Alternatively you can grab the season pass, covering all five packs, price TBC. As a bonus, it grants you the MyRISE Mega-Boost, which includes an additional 200 Attribute Points, and Supercharger, which unlocks all base game WWE Legends and throwback arenas. 

Who are the WWE 2K23 DLC legends?

WWE 2K23

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Six yesteryear favourites are being added to the game as WWE 2K23 DLC as part of the five packs. 

DLC Pack 1, AKA the Steiner Row Pack, lives up to its name. It sees Scott Steiner make his first 2K appearance since WWE 2K14, and delivers Rick Steiner for the first time ever. This isn’t a coincidence: Rick’s son, Bron Breakker, was NXT Champion for most of 2022 and makes his debut on the WWE 2K23 roster.

There’s no DLC legend in Pack 2, but Pack 3 – the Race To NXT pack – sees Harley Race added to the game. (See that they’ve done with that name?) The grizzled grappler had a four-year stint in what was then the WWF, but is best known for his eight NWA World Heavyweight Championship reigns. 

Hulk Hogan’s 1980s rival Zeus is next to land, in the Revel With Wyatt Pack. He’s followed up by two more modern retirees: Wade Barrett and Eve Torres. That pair arrives in the final DLC release, which is called the Bad News U pack.

What about the WWE 2K23 DLC current stars?

WWE 2K23

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Seven members of the Raw and Smackdown roster get the nod as DLC – in all cases because they returned to WWE in 2022, but were too late to make the on-disc roster.

The trio of B-Fab, Top Dolla and Ashante Adonis – collectively known as Hit Row – join the Steiner Brothers in the first DLC pack. However, note that B-Fab is an NPC. Another tag-team, comprising Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, arrive hot on their heels in the following month’s Pretty Sweet Pack.

DLC Pack 4 brings the words every fan has been entering into search engines for months: WWE 2K23 DLC Bray Wyatt. We don’t know which of his guises he’ll be donning, and fans are desperately hoping to see his The Fiend alter-ego, but Wyatt is 100 per cent confirmed. Joining him are the Viking Raiders’ onscreen valet – and Erik’s real-life wife Sarah Logan. She’s recently been renamed Valhalla, and you’ll hope that’ll be replicated in game by the time her pack drops.

Will there be any WWE 2K23 NXT DLC?

WWE 2K23

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Third brand NXT is the big winner when it comes to WWE 2K23 DLC. It’s getting no fewer than 12 additional superstars – almost half of the full DLC selection.

First up are Tiffany Stratton, Elton Prince and Kit Wilson as part of the Pretty Sweet Pack. The latter pair are known as Pretty Deadly, and have already captured the NXT and NXT UK tag-team belts during their short time in WWE.

Two ladies and two men land as part of the following month’s Race To NXT Pack. We’re getting Ivy Nile and Wendy Choo on the female side, and Trick Williams and Tony D’Angelo on the male one. There’s sadly no place for Nile’s Diamond Mine partner Roderick Strong, or D’Angelo’s long-time sidekick Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo. You’ll need our upcoming WWE 2K23 CAWs guide for those.

Blair Davenport and Joe Gacy continue to NXT drops in the Revel With Wyatt Pack. We then get three more newcomers in the final Bad News U Pack: Damon Kemp, Nathan Frazer, and Andre Chase. It’s an impressive selection which neatly fleshes out the roster with young talent.

Where can I see the full WWE 2K23 DLC pack list?

Right here. All five packs, and 25 wrestlers, are listed in chronological order below:

WWE 2K23 DLC Steiner Row Pack (April 19)

  • Ashante Adonis (Hit Row)
  • B-Fab (Hit Row) [NPC]
  • Top Dolla (Hit Row)
  • Rick Steiner (Steiner Brothers)
  • Scott Steiner (Steiner Brothers)

WWE 2K23 DLC Pretty Sweet Pack (May 17)

  • Karl Anderson (The OC)
  • Luke Gallows (The OC)
  • Elton Prince (Pretty Deadly)
  • Kit Wilson (Pretty Deadly)
  • Tiffany Stratton

WWE 2K23 DLC Race To NXT Pack (June 14)

  • Ivy Nile (Diamond Mine)
  • Harley Race
  • Tony D’Angelo
  • Trick Williams
  • Wendy Choo

WWE 2K23 Revel With Wyatt Pack (July 19)

  • Sarah Logan (Viking Raiders)
  • Blair Davenport
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Joe Gacy
  • Zeus

WWE 2K23 Bad News U Pack (August 16)

  • Andre Chase (Chase U)
  • Damon Kemp (Diamond Mine)
  • Eve Torres
  • Nathan Frazer
  • Wade Barrett
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