WWE 2K20 DLC guide: who’s in it and when is it out?

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The entire WWE 2K20 DLC package is now in the wild - and it represents a huge change from the precedent set in previous years. Rather than add missing wrestlers to WWE 2K20, it brings a host of fictional gimmicks, arenas and other goodies across four specific themes: Bump In The Night, Wasteland Warriors, Southpaw Wrestling, and Empire Of Tomorrow. Below you'll find all the details of this WWE 2K20 DLC, and how you can get characters such as 'Grand Champion' Batista and 'Georgia Washington' Charlotte.

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: Who’s in it?

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The WWE 2K20 DLC selection is made up of four packs, collectively entitled WWE Originals. The first pack, Bump In The Night, emerged shortly after release. It was followed up in January by second pack Wasteland Wanderers. Third pack Southpaw Wrestling dropped in February, and final pack Empire Of Tomorrow in March.

The only ‘real’ WWE gimmick to feature in Bump In The Night is ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt, a genuinely unsettling alter-ego for the man once known as Husky Harris. Otherwise it’s pure fiction, with a character list featuring ‘Demon King’ Finn Balor, ‘Swampfather’ Bray Wyatt, FrankenStrowman, ‘Wicked’ Aleister Black, ‘Unleashed’ Randy Orton, ‘Fed Up’ Sheamus, ‘Pilgrim’ Rusev, ‘Survivor’ Mandy Rose and ‘Twisted’ Nikki Cross.

Naughtily, however, you have to create those versions of Rose and Cross using CAW parts. That's a disappointment.

Additionally there are zombie versions of Cesaro, Kassius Ohno, Robert Roode, Sami Zayn, and Sasha Banks.

Wasteland Warriors contains eight new gimmicks: 'New Years' Ricochet, 'Arctic Shield' Roman Reigns, 'Fortune Fighter' Ali, 'Gatekeeper' Baron Corbin, 'Corrupted' Jack Gallagher, 'Grand Champion' Batista, 'Wanderer' Seth Rollins, and 'Overlord' Samoa Joe. 

Southpaw Wrestling adds Georgia Washington (Charlotte Flair), Dosvetanya (Lana), Bad Hair Day (Ember Moon), Misfit Molly (Becky Lynch), Samantha Urai (Kairi Sane), Sasha 'Memory' Banks, Mr Mackelroy (Tyler Breeze), Glam Rocker (Johnny Gargano), and a mysterious newcomer called Sea Creature.

Nine new characters feature in the Empire Of Tomorrow pack. They are A-Mech-Sa Bliss, Chairwoman Bliss, Cyber Naomi, Daemon Deville, Hacker Asuka, N14 J4X, Anti-Virus Carmella, Anti-Virus Tamina, and Hacker Johnny Gargano. None are especially memorable, but the attempt to prioritise female characters is a welcome idea. 

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: What else is in it?

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More rings, more moves, and more Towers. Bump In The Night, for instance, features five new story Towers, including One Of The Family - where Daniel Bryan must win matches to prevent himself being possessed by ‘The Swampfather’. It grants two new arenas in Wyatt Swamp and Cemetery Brawl, and a load of create-a-superstar parts and weapons.

Wasteland Wanderers features two new arenas: Overlord's Coliseum and The Scrapyard – while Empire Of Tomorrow adds a setting that looks airlifted out of Tron. Southpaw Wrestling adds five more story towers, and two cool retro arenas: Southpaw Summer Breakout '87 and Max Headlock's. Empire Of Tomorrow also adds two new arenas, in The Mainframe and Neo-Osaka District 4.

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: How much is it?

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All four DLC packs can be bought as part of the BackStage Pass, for $29.99 / £24.99.

Bump In The Night, Wasteland Warriors, Southpaw Wrestling and Empire Of Tomorrow each cost $14.99 / £11.99.

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: Who isn’t in it?

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Sadly, it looks as though the days of DLC packs being used to add wrestlers recently signed to WWE are over. In this way WWE 2K19 DLC contained names such as Ricochet, Lacey Evans, and Mike and Maria Kanellis, but that precedent set in previous editions has apparently been ditched.

This means no place as DLC for NXT favourites Walter, Kushida, and Dominik Dijakovic, and no way to resolve the WWE 2K20 Lio Rush mystery. (The reigning cruiserweight champion was included as DLC last year, but is curiously missing from this year’s game.) You can get these characters as fan-made CAWs (create-a-wrestlers), but that isn't quite the same as having them officially. 

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: release date

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The Bump In The Night, Wasteland Warriors, Southpaw Wrestling and Empire Of Tomorrow packs are all out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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