WWE 2K17 patch awaiting Sony/Microsoft approval, hopefully fixes bug that wipes save data

2K has announced an imminent patch for WWE 2K17, which should fix some minor issues within the game – and, it’s hoped, a major one which can wipe user save data.

The patch was submitted to Sony and Microsoft last week for deployment on PS4 and Xbox One as soon as it’s approved. 2K has not been forthcoming with specifics of what it addresses as yet, but the main issue fans hope it will fix is one where downloading wrestlers via Community Creations can completely wipe in-game saved data, forcing you to start again in Universe or Career mode. (And losing any previous edits or created wrestlers.) 

“We’ve found that the issue was triggered by custom content having a high count of unique custom logos,” writes community manager Bryan Vore on the official WWE 2K17 forums. “To prevent further problems with this issue, please do not upload or download any Custom Superstars, Arenas, or Championships with more than 14 unique custom logos.”

“Our initial tests of our fix are successful but we are continuing our testing to ensure we fixed this problem completely,” he adds in a later update. “Our request to limit custom logo usage to 14 or fewer custom logos is just a temporary workaround so that this problem is not triggered when downloading content from Community Creations.”

“We fully expect that users will be able to use up to the maximum number of custom logos with the fix in place. We are also working on ways to identify and block content on Community Creations that would trigger this bug.”

Another annoyance that fans have rightly clamoured to be fixed is the inability to control both members of a tag team in Universe – making you reliant on an AI partner in a mode which is purported to offer the user complete control of every facet of the game.

As soon as patch notes are released, GR+ will update you. 

WWE 2K17 is out now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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