Wreckfest is getting a $10 PS5 upgrade on June 1

THQ Nordic and Bugbear Entertainment have announced that a Wreckfest PS5 upgrade is coming June 1, and it'll cost you $10 if you already own the PS4 version. Alternatively, you can buy the Wreckfest PS5 upgrade as a standalone purchase for $40. Check out the teaser for the upgrade up top.

The PS5 version "offers the best Wreckfest experience on consoles ever and takes full advantage of the [PS5's] hardware power," THQ says. Of course, that means you can expect a host of visual and performance improvements, and it manages to run at that magic sweet spot of 4K and 60FPS. The update also improves textures and visual effects and introduces "dynamic dirt" on vehicles. If you prefer playing with friends, Wreckfest PS5 multiplayer features up to 24 players now (up from 16).

Here's the complete list of new features included with the Wreckfest PS5 upgrade, straight from THQ Nordic

  • Dynamic dirt on vehicles
  • Improved shadows, particles, and environment lighting
  • Higher resolution textures
  • Increased amount of foliage
  • Godrays
  • New visual effects for skidmarks
  • DualSense haptic effects
  • Much faster loading times

If you missed the 2018 original, it might be time to give it a look if you prefer your racing games with a side of destruction. We named Wreckfest one of the best racing games around, praising its realistic destruction physics, the vehicle variety which includes school buses, hot rods, and lawnmowers, and its chaotic online mode.

Although Wreckfest PS5 is a paid upgrade, here's a list of free PS5 upgrade games you can snag if you own the PS4 versions.

Jordan Gerblick

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