World War Z sequel gets a new director

The forthcoming sequel to World War Z has appointed a new director, with The Orphanage ’s Juan Antonio Bayona the man to fit the bill.

While the sequel is in its very early stages, Bayona has received the nod from Paramount to replace the outgoing Marc Forster, and will be involved with the project from the ground up.

The film doesn’t currently have any writers working on it, but Brad Pitt will produce once again, and has revealed that he has some ideas for where the sequel will go.

Having met with Pitt and won the star’s approval, Bayona will also oversee the writing process, and will more than likely chip in with a few ideas of his own.

At present, there is no release date on the slate for this one, but we’d expect an early 2016 arrival, assuming the sequel doesn’t run into the same production issues that dogged the first film...

George Wales

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