World of Warcraft fans praise Dragonflight for great storytelling, not being Shadowlands

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight characters look out onto the Dragon Isles
(Image credit: Blizzard)

World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion is off to a great start with fans. Not only do heaps of Shadowlands' issues appear to be remedied so far, but flying around is just as fun as you'd hope it would be. 

Players have swiftly shuffled onto social media and forums to note their appreciation for the story's greater sense of clarity and focus. The first big raid boss is simply a newly freed dragon called Raszageth who has a whole heap of anger she fancies taking out on you, and it's proving to be a breath of fresh air. The issues fans had with Shadowlands' convoluted storyline are myriad, though they typically involve the underwhelming villain and how Sylvanas Windrunner's controversial tale unfolds.

Even on a smaller level, plenty of sidequests have also come in for praise, with fans getting pelted in the feels by more narrative and reflective moments of pause to break up the flow of the grind. Then some sidequests lead you to places like this.

One of the most consistent points of praise, though, follows from the pre-patch, with Dragon Riding proving every bit as fun as everyone would have hoped. There are all the memes and general praise you'd expect, though the more common point from fans is that they hope the feature extends to the rest of the game and certainly isn't forgotten when Dragonflight runs its course.  

The positive sentiments around Dragonflight follow World of Warcraft's servers toppling as everyone tried to log in. Still, one group managed to hit the new level cap using a rather busted crafting system, while one infamous WoW resident has returned to hit the new level cap without leaving the panda race's starting area. 

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