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World exclusive Pacific Rim concept art

Total Film magazine issue 204 is out now, and heading up our Summer Blockbuster Preview is Guillermo del Toro’s monsters vs robots behemoth, Pacific Rim .

The pitch is pleasingly simple. Giant monsters (Kaijus) rise from the depths of the oceans, and humanity’s last line of defence is a fleet of whopping great fighting machines known as Jaegers. With each metallic titan manned by two plucky pilots in circuitry suits, the stage is set for a smackdown on the largest imaginable scale.

Inside the new issue, del Toro talks in depth about Pacific Rim : the inspirations, the world-building details, the eclectic cast.

And we’ve got a slew of world exclusive concept images, showcasing the incredible artwork that informed the look and design of the film.

You can see two of those exclusive pieces by Doug Williams right here. The first puts the overwhelming scale of the Jaegers into perspective, as a Russian collosus stands guard, dominating the skyline. The second features a freaky Skull Temple that’s fused with its derelict urban surroundings.

Check out the images, below:

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For much more on Pacific Rim , including more astonishing concept art and an in-depth chat with Guillermo del Toro, pick up the brand-new issue 204 of Total Film magazine , which is on sale now.

You can join the official Pacific Rim Facebook page and follow Pacific Rim on Twitter .

And, Total Film magazine issue 204 comes with four incredible free posters: including Pacific Rim , Man Of Steel , Oblivion and The World's End .

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Read a full preview of Total Film magazine - Issue 204 .

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