The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]

Hearts of Stone

A Midnight Clear

Prerequisite: Begin "Dead Man's Party." | Recommended Level: 33

Proceed through "Dead Man's Party" until you're free of your possessor. This side quest will then unlock, so be sure to complete it before leaving the wedding. You need to cheer up Shani, and if you read her entry in the glossary, you'll know that rowan is the way to do it. Use your Witcher Senses at the indicated spots to locate some rowanberry brandy, then take it to her. You'll have a few choices during the ensuing cut scene, which can lead Geralt and Shani to a romantic evening on the lake. Quest complete!

Avid Collector

Prerequisite: Begin "Open Sesame!' | Recommended Level: 32

Move through the indicated quest until you enter the auction house with Vivaldi. When he points out his friends, be sure to speak to the art dealer. When he asks you to point out a specific painting, choose the portrait, and he'll mention a special painting up for auction. Then when that painting, Starry Night Over the Pontar, comes up, bid until it's yours. Now head to Hierarch Square in Novigrad and visit the book salesman. Sell him the painting to complete the quest.

Without a Trace

Prerequisite: N/A | Recommended Level: 32

Check the notice board in Brunwich to start this quest, then head to your marker at the Herbalist's Hut outside Oxenfurt. Speak to the proprietor to learn that his apprentice has gone missing in Deadwight Wood. Your new marker is a fairly large search area, so go there and use your Witcher Senses to find an abandoned cart. Follow the blood trail to reach the village of Erde. The only residents are an elderly couple, so speak to them for more information on the missing halfling. Return to the herbalist with this info to end the quest.

The Drakenborg Redemption

Prerequisite: N/A | Recommended Level: 38

North of Yantra is a new area with some Undiscovered Locations. Head for the one almost due north of the town - it's a Hidden Treasure inside a cave. Examine the corpse near the entrance to find a letter, then read it to learn of treasure deeper in the cave. Fight your way through the arachnomorphs to find a small chest in the ground, then loot it for your reward.

Tinker, Hunter, Soldier, Spy

Prerequisite: N/A | Recommended Level: 33

Check the Undiscovered Location just east of the Isolated Hut - it's a wooden tower. Scale it and loot the corpse there to find a letter and a key, then read the letter to learn of nearby treasure. Ride south to your new marker at the Moldavie Residence, and use your Witcher Senses to find and open a treasure chest in the water.

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