The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side quest and contract guide [inc. Blood and Wine]


Ciri's Room

Prerequisite: Complete "Bloody Baron." | Suggested Level: 5

This quest will unlock as the Baron leads you upstairs to examine his family's rooms. Instead, you can check the room where Ciri stayed for more clues. In there, you'll find a few clues, including a book and a top. Read the book, then speak to Gretka across the hall. Ask about Ciri, then give her to the top to finish this quick quest.

Races: Crow's Perch

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: N/A

You can learn about this race from the Crow's Perch Notice Board. Go to the marker and speak to Radko to enter. You can choose any of the other races to go against, but you'll need to beat all three to wrap up the quest.

Fists of Fury: Velen

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: 11

You can learn about an underground fighting ring from the Crow's Perch Notice Board - Geralt wants in. You'll have to defeat three fighters: Smithy at the Inn at the Crossroads, Fishgulper in Lindenvale, and Jonah in Blackbough. Once you do, return to Crow's Perch and take down the Sergeant to finish this quest.

Gwent: Velen Players

Prerequisite: None | Suggested Level: N/A

You can also get this quest from the Crow's Perch Notice Board. Defeat the Baron in a game of Gwent to wrap it up quickly. Alternatively, if you wait until you complete "Return to Crookback Bog," you can simply take the unique card from his office (depending on your quest choices).

This will unlock two more major Gwent battles: one against a man in Oreton, another against the soothsayer in Benek. Win these, then head to Midcopse for one last game. Defeat Haddy there to wrap up the quest.

Collect 'Em All

Prerequisite: Complete "Gwent: Velen Players" | Suggested Level: N/A

Once you've collected your first unique card, you'll unlock a quest to obtain them all. To do this, you must:

  • Purchase unique cards from innkeepers, traders, and merchants.
  • Win cards by playing against available opponents. This includes the Nilfgaardian Nobleman in the Palace at Vizima. These are won at random.
  • Complete "Gwent: Playing Innkeeps," "Gwent: Velen Players," "Gwent: Big City Players," "Gwent: Old Pals," "Gwent: Skellige Style," "Gwent: Highs Stakes," and "Shock Therapy."
  • During "A Matter of Life and Death," win the three-round tournament.
  • Complete "A Dangerous Game" and take the cards as a reward.

It's a long road, but a full Gwent set is really its own reward.

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