Winona Ryder signs up for Sex And Death 101

Since turning in the script for 1989’s explosive high school satire Heathers, scribe Daniel Waters has had a bit of mixed career. With highs (penning Batman Returns), lows (writing the much-maligned Hudson Hawk) and little knowns (his directorial debut was 2001’s Happy Campers, which hardly anyone saw).

Now, though, he’s back writing and directing the intriguing Sex And Death 101, which sends him right back to his darker film roots. It sees Simon Baker’s lothario disturbed to receive an email listing the names of every woman he’s bedded. And, creepily, everyone he’ll sleep with in his future.

And it’s turning into something of a Heathers reunion with Winona Ryder jumping aboard to play a feminist vigilante whose actions see her turning into something of an urban folk hero. She confronts our lady-loving hero, convinced that he’s a criminal.

With funding from Closer producer Cary Brokaw’s Avenue Pictures, it’s still in strictly indie territory. But Ryder’s name in the cast will likely have some studios interested. Depending on the content, of course. Brokaw claims the script is loaded with sex, nudity and bad language. But he’s also obviously excited to be involved. “This is the first indie I've done in some time," Brokaw told The Hollywood Reporter. "I fell in love with the script - it's smart, inventive and incredibly funny. It succeeds in being really funny, provocative and completely unpredictable, which for a romantic comedy is no small feat."

Waters will kick off shooting next week in Los Angeles.

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