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Will Smith developing Annie remake for daughter Willow

Will Smith is developing a remake of classic musical Annie as a potential starring vehicle for his daughter Willow.

The erstwhile Fresh Prince is developing the project in much the same way as he was behind the remake of The Karate Kid that starred his son Jaden.

That redo wasn't something we were overly enthused about, but it turned out better than expected, with a surprising amount of heart.

It also kerchinged big time at the box office, which must have helped this decision.

Smith seems intent on turning his family into a supergroup of megastars. Willow has previously starred alongside her dad in I Am Legend , and joined her mum, Jada Pinkett Smith, for a voice role in Madagascar 2 .

You may well be familiar with the precocious moppet from her head-invadingly irritating single 'Whip My Hair' which was released last year.

It's not yet known whether the Annie story will be adapted to a contemporary setting, but it seems likely, as Jay-Z is in talks to handle the film's music.