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Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg star in new Daddy's Home trailer

A new trailer has landed for Daddy’s Home, Will Ferrell’s new comedy in which he plays the loving stepdad to Linda Cardellini’s two kids, only for their natural father to suddenly appear out of the woodwork. And for Ferrell’s middle-aged schlub, the fact that said dad looks like Mark Wahlberg is bad news indeed.

Wahlberg is intent on getting his feet back under the table, setting about upstaging Ferrell at every opportunity. So begins “a good old-fashioned dad-off”, with each man going to increasingly ludicrous lengths to win the children’s affections.

Watch the trailer below…

Wahlberg and Ferrell were a hoot together in The Other Guys, and it seems as though that chemistry is undimmed a second time around. Directed by Sean Anders and John Morris, Daddy’s Home will open in the US on Christmas Day and the UK the day after. All together now… dad-off! Dad-off! Dad-off!

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