Will Batman's PC problems delay console stuff? "PC fixes come first" says director

Batman Arkham Knight's PC issues have been so bad that the game's been withdrawn from sale. It's not often that a publisher admits a game's so broken it stops selling it. Warner and Rocksteady have done the decent thing there and have been clear about trying to make things better, but will that have an impact on other formats? That's what a tweet from director Sefton Hill might be suggesting:

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That was in reply to this tweet:

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Rocksteady previous stated it was working closely with Iron Galaxy, the studio behind the PC port, to fix the problems, with Hill tweeting this:

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Hill's tweets suggests that this is now the priority. What knock on effects that might have on any pending updates or content remains to be seen. Obviously, the bulk of the DLC and season pass content will be largely complete, but if studio resources are being significantly diverted for emergency repairs anything that might have in the pipeline will obviously be on the backburner. If Rocksteady were planning anything in terms of patches or new features they'll likely be pushed back until the current situation is resolved.

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