Wild Hearts free trial is out now on Xbox and PlayStation consoles

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EA and Koei Tecmo have partnered up to offer a free Wild Hearts trial for players on console.

From now until April 13, players on Sony and Xbox systems can take Omega Force's Monster Hunter-like action-RPG for a spin, and sample the game's open world and story for free.

"Get a look at the latest content coming to Wild Hearts and play for free from April 6 to April 13 on PlayStation and Xbox, exploring up to the gate of Minato!" EA teases in a promotional email.

What's more, if you think you'd like to see what lies beyond the gate, players that enjoy the demo can secure a 20 per cent discount on the Xbox and PlayStation stores until April 13, too.

Wild Hearts players on PC still aren't happy with a patch that fixed very few problems with the game's port.

As Hirun reported at the time, EA and Koei Tecmo debuted Wild Hearts in February to a mixed reception on PC. While plenty of players enjoyed the game, there was overwhelming disappointment with the quality of the game's PC port. Many players suffered from dropped frames and other technical issues, leading Wild Hearts' user reviews on Steam to trend to 'Mostly Negative' after just a few days.

Consequently, in February, Koei Tecmo launched a new PC patch for Wild Hearts, but it doesn't appear to have done enough to stave off criticisms of the port. 

"Wild Hearts is a roaring success for Omega Force," Hirun wrote in his Wild Hearts review, in which he awarded the action-RPG four stars out of five. It was reviewed on PS5.

"The Kemono are awe-inspiring fusions of land and creatures, imposing monstrosities that leave a lasting impression long after you're done with them. The same can be said for Wild Hearts' combat system, weapons, and Karakuri, each one a fantastic and creative aspect that puts player creativity first and foremost without being overwhelming. Wild Hearts' camera might be trying at times, but it's hardly enough to put a damper on the entire adventure."

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